Norbert by Mark Steines

Let’s Spread Smiles Together!

Hi! I’m Norbert, a real mixed-breed 3-pound registered therapy dog, author, and philanthropist with a big heart. My life’s purpose is to spread smiles and encourage kindness & compassion. That’s why I’m excited about my cool Tree-Free greetings and gifts, featuring (blush-blush) me! Hope you like ‘em.

Everyone who helps me spread smiles is part of the Norberthood, a group of nearly two million people worldwide and growing! As I like to say, you don’t have to be big to make a BIG difference in the world.

Awesome photos of me are by my dad, Mark Steines.
Greetings were created with help from my mom and her mom at Polly Parker Press.

For more about me, visit

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